Born in 1956 in Baghdad, Iraq. Visit the School of Art and Graphics in Baghdad, after studying art at the Art Academy Baghdad

Group exhibitions


1986, 1988 participation in the first and second "World Festival" in Baghdad

1989 Participation in the international art festival in Canne-sur-mer, France

1990 Participation in group exhibitions in the UK and USA

1990 Participation in the festival "Contemporary Art from Iraq" in Cyprus

1992 exhibition of contemporary Iraqi art in Rome, Italy

1994, 1996 exhibition "One dimension", Gallery Abaad in Amman, Jordan

2000 exhibition "Strokes of Genius - Contemporary Art from Iraq" in London

2002, 2003 Group Exhibition Museum Haus der Kunst, Munich

2003 group exhibition "of BEUYS from ..." in the art space game, Munich

2003 group exhibition "Art Now Looking in Iraqi-out" DePaul University Art Gallery, Chicago

2004 Art Symposium "rhythm, disharmony" - project at the Museum of Csurgo, Hungary

2004 Group exhibition at the Little Altstadtgalerie Dachau

2005 German-French project "l'art sans fin" in Carcassonne, France

2005, 2006 German-Czech Art Symposium in Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice, Czech Republic

2005, 2006 German-Czech Art Symposium at the Cultural Association "riesa efau", Dresden

2006 Group exhibition "Beuys from ..." at the City Museum Weilheim

2006 Group exhibition "Europe and Islam" in the Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

2006 Group exhibition "Word into Art", British Museum, London

2006 German-French project "l'art sans fin" in Paris

2006 Group exhibition "Vanishing Point" in the white box Kultfabrik, Munich

2007 Group exhibition "Northern Art 07" Art in the Carlshütte (KIC), Rendsburg

2008, 2010 Festival "Dialogi" in St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 Group exhibition "Art in Motion" Castle Garden, Erlanger

2008 "Food" Art Dubai, Dubai

2009 Group exhibition "Across Borders No2" Radical gallery train, Switzerland

2009 Group exhibition "Ikarus" in Castle Hartmann near Bad Endorf

2009 Group exhibition "Baghdad in Munich II" Lothringer13 Gallery, Munich

2009, 2011 group exhibition "Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books" traveling exhibition, USA

2009 "Biennial" St. Petersburg Russia

2009 Group exhibition "Schleierhaft in TaliBURKAn" in the Seidlvilla, Munich

2010 One-month stay as "Artist in Residence" at the AB Gallery Lucerne, Switzerland

2011 Group exhibition "3 countries-3 artists" in Nero gallery, Wiesbaden

2011 "The Art of Writing" exhibition at the Art Forum Kurhauskolonnaden, Wiesbaden

2011 symposia and workshops in the Gallery House 10 Castle Fürstenfeldbruck

2011 Group exhibition "Dance of Letters II" in the Haleh Gallery, Berg near Starnberg

2012 Selection Art Fair Basel  AB GALLERY Luzan, Schweiz


2012 Group exhibition "Between Two Cultures", Qatar

2012 Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, United Arab Emirates

2012.2013 "Contemporary Art from Iraq" in Dubai 

2016 Group exhibtion "I art my office"  Munich

2016 Art fair "Atrmuc Munich


Solo Exhibitions


1997 Exhibition at the Gallery ether in Baghdad

1997 Exhibition at the Gallery Hammurabi in Amman, Jordan

1999 Exhibition in the Gallery of the earth in Zurich, Switzerland

2002 Exhibition at the Gallery Arte N, Munich

2003 Exhibition in the Small Altstadtgalerie Dachau

2012 Exhibition at the Bavarian State School for the physically handicapped, Munich

2015 Exhibition at the Galerie Espace La Stanza in Bolzano Italia

2017  Exhibition at the Galerie Airport Munich


Museum & Collections 


Purchases from private and public collections, Baghdad Museum, the British Museum in London, Collection of "Art of Writing Collection"