' 28932966102, in the silence of my sanctuary andsolitude I pronounce holy purification of the heart, platforms and configurations 10432723921142214 26/22. It is the opposite entirety of absolute exposure 12821062192107where soundless revelations in the depths of my being are denied. In the absence of consciousness, where human expression of an unspoken concept reveals both sides of the truth, I construct a shelter to retrieve my fortune 82/18136. The glass barrier within me shatters. Through the debris of mantra and silenced murmurs I hear an inner call bai ala al salat (rise to prayer). In confidence I proceed towards a secret tawaf (orbital ritual) and I whisper lebbaik Allahumma lebbaik (Allah, I am at your command). This then becomes a reflection of materialistic subjectivity 13107358765076447016566136611130.

After a period of compulsory quietness, I enter in an erratic, spontaneous non-conscious conversation, which aims to measure spirituality. In this capricious way, not vacant of presence, lays my destination, my art and my freedom.

I wander the streets and alleyways of the city, imbedded with times lone, perceiving the effect of the universe and mute relationship with our surroundings. I penetrate the pathways of my memory, where instant illumination of the moment occurs as 287, and the world is exposed as 181. Signs and symbols are a presence of that which exists as truth. The icons of completion and opposites are what triumph, for there must be "light" against "darkness" and "existence" against "nothingness".’